n.help simping

Collect those simp's money from the tier 3 subscription and flex about how many onlyfans followers you archived



n.help reputation

Is someone nice, supportive, friendly or you simply find them cool? Then you can give reputation to them, this way other people will get to know they are talking with someone cool



n.help profile
n.help user-setup

Fully customizable profiles, you can change the background, status and colors so your profile trully fits you!



n.help generators
n.help fun
n.help generatorsimg

Create your own memes, customize existing ones or get random memes from different websites like reddit.
90+ Options
100+ Variants



n.help minigames

Lots of extremely fun minigames comes with Nezuko Bot.

You can play the following games:

Click to show minigames

  • Type Racer Countdown starts, the word is sent, will you be the fastest typer?
  • Math Racer 3, 2, 1... Ready? Who is the fastest Mathematician in the chat?
  • Trivia Hundreds of thousands of different questions from over 25 different topics and 3 difficulties to choose from
  • Rock Paper Scissors Play the classic RPS against a user or the bot
  • Truth or Dare The classic T or D game with thousands of random Dares and Truths!
  • Would You Rather Almost infinite possibilities, using the biggest API of Would You Rather questions in the world.
  • Never Have i Ever 100+ Different possibilities, have fun with your friends while getting to discover things you didn't knew about them
  • Questioneer Just like trivia but without hints / options, you must know the response!
  • Chaineer Connect the words by starting them with the last word's last character, this has to be set up on a channel in a server in order to play.
  • React Game The simplest of minigames, more of a way of testing how many people is actually checking in your chat. A embed is sent in the channel you choose and people will have to react to it, the more reactions the higher your server will score, the top 10 ends on the Reaction Famous-Board, free advertising!

Image Manipulation

n.help effects
n.help generators

Apply tons of different effects to any image you want.
Filters, overlays, effects and much more.



n.help welcoming
n.help server-setup
n.wltype info

Completly customizable welcome messages, including images!
Make them completly unique, from every single color to it's text and design, catch the eyes of the newbies!

Check the different styles below

Style 1
Customizable + Cool

This style is the one that Nezuko chooses by default for your server, it is the most customizable of them all.

Every color can be personalized. The background can also be personalized.
Make it look exactly how you want it.

Style 2
Simpler + Smaller

If you are looking for something that takes less space, looks way simpler and without too much text over it, this is your best option.

You can choose any background you want.
Toggle on/off a blur effect on it.

Style 3
Modern + Beautiful 

The most beautiful and modern of them all. If you were looking for something that will make your server look professional don't think twice, this is your choice.
You can choose what will appear at the left from our list of anime characters, objects and many other stuff.



n.help actions

Make your chatting way more fun, cool and easy to underestand.
You are able to interact with other members in many, many ways.
This helps to make what you are trying to say truly feel like how you expected it to be. Over 90+ Options!



n.help actions

Are you feeling happy? Maybe sad? Or are you simply bored or sleepy? Then you can make it clear with expressions, you have over 90+ options to choose from so you can be sure that the thing you are trying to share is what you feel.



n.help actions

Over 90 different actions. The most in any bot out there.
You can express many different emotions and actions all with hundreds of different gifs from animes.



n.help leveling

Level up by chatting, winning minigame matches and melting Zukos. It gets harder the more you level up and theres NO limits. The only limit is how much effort you put into it. You will earn loot every time you level up.



n.help economy 
n.help user-setup

An economy based on Zukos. These are coins that you will be able to earn by picking up drops, robbing, minigames, working and many other different ways. You can upgrade your bank, melt the zukos into XP, buy items and way more.



n.help marriage
n.help user-setup

Marry your loved one, divorce them, buy them rings and adopt kids... You ear Marrycoins by staying in a marriage with someone, with these you can buy gifts for each othes! The more Marriage streaks you both archive (time together) the more perks you will unlock and improve.


Custom Roleplay

n.help CustomRP
n.help user-setup

Create your very own characters. They can be ANYTHING. This helps to improve any server's roleplay experience, enhancing the sessions by being able to talk as your character



n.help cookies

Collect, bake, share, give and steal cookies. Cookies are now a currency, and you must become the cookie moster by getting them all.

Demon Slayer

n.help roleplay

Roleplay as many characters from Demon Slayer, all with the power of webhooks, improving your Roleplay experience

n.help kimetsu

Create your very own Demon Slayer memes. Amazing templates made only for Nezuko Bot

n.help kimetsuactions

Enhance your experience during Demon Slayer roleplay sessions by using actions themed in the anime.



n.help music

Play music in high quality in any voicechat from Youtube with NO restrictions. It can get choppy at times tho.



n.help animeradio

High quality anime radios. These play anime music 24/7, you may discover new songs to love!


Anime Finder


Bruh... The anime from that screenshot that guy sent looks so awesome, i wish i knew which one it is... Oh, wait a minute, you easely can!
Make your weeb life easier, let Nezuko Bot do the hard work for you!



n.help moderation

Moderate your chats cutely. Nezuko comes with a very special feature called Democratic Moderation. It consists of voting. Your staff (depending of their permissions) will be able to start voting sessions to ban, mute, kick, warn or purge users.



n.help tickets
n.help server-setup

A Fully-working customizable ticket system. Has most features you may expect. - Currently disabled



n.help giveaway

You can create amazing customizable giveaways for your people.
Choose the duration, thing and how many winners and Nezuko will do de rest!



n.help tools

Start voting sessions / polls, this is a very useful and even fun feature. Simply use the command and add the thing you want to start a poll about and let people decide!